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 Génesis Rodríguez

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PostSubject: Génesis Rodríguez   Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:40 pm

Génesis Rodríguez Pérez born in Miami, Florida on July 29, 1987, is a Cuban-Venezuelan-American actress. She is the daughter of a Venezuelan singer and actor José Luis Rodríguez, who is also known by the nickname "El Puma". She speaks both English and Spanish fluently. She has two sisters Liliana Rodríguez Morillo and Lilibeth Rodríguez Morillo.

She is best known for her roles in the Telemundo TV series Prisionera, Dame Chocolate and currently Doña Bárbara. She also played Becky Ferrer on Days of our Lives.

In August 2004, a real-life drama embroiled the production of the telenovlea Prisionera, as it was revealed that a relationship existed between actor Mauricio Islas and the underaged Rodriguez. The alleged incident took place at a party thrown by the Telemundo Network management where the two individuals were to engage in a sexual encounter. Islas was sacked from the production, being replaced by another actor (Gabriel Porras), eventually affecting the storyline of the production. Details of backstage bickering, overthrown egos, innuendos, and firings were detailed in the Spanish press.

She recently became engaged to the Peruvian actor and musician Christian Meier.

[edit] TV appearances
Doña Bárbara (Telemundo series) (2008/2009) - Marisela Barquero-Young Barbarita
Dame Chocolate (Telemundo Studios 2007 Rosita Amado / Violeta Hurtado
Prisionera (Telemundo Studios) (2004)- Guadalupe Santos (young) / Libertad Salvatierra
[edit] External links
[1] Telemundo Website
[2] Official "Doña Barbara" Website
Genesis Rodriguez at the Internet Movie Database
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Evo i na hrvatskom,samo sto je kratko

Génesis Rodríguez
Izvor: Wikipedija
Skoči na: orijentacija, traži
Génesis Rodríguez Pérez
Rođenje 2. veljače 1987.
Miami, Florida-SAD
Zanimanje glumica
Važnije uloge Rosita Amado u Tajna čokolade
Marisela Barquero u Doña Bárbara
Portal: Film
Génesis Rodríguez (2. veljače 1987. ; Miami, Florida), je kubansko - veneculansko - američka glumica.

Uloge [uredi]
Doña Bárbara - Marisela Barquero
Dame Chocolate - (Tajna čokolade) Rosita Amado / Violeta Hurtado
Prisionera - (Zatočenica) Guadalupe Santos (mlađa) / Libertad Salvatierra


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Génesis Rodríguez
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